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Tor services

edited April 2022 in General Topics

With kaspersky tor browser and services were working fine to access a small server on a Raspeberry inside my network, now with bitdefender it is not possible. Is it a problem of Bitdefender? How can I solve this?


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @kdj and welcome to the Community!

    This sounds like the firewall doing the job. Try the following:

    1. Go to Network Adapters tab and set the network type to Home/Office using the drop-down menu near its name

    2. Then, from the same Firewall Tab, click on Settings from the top-right , then, for the network you're currently connected to, uncheck the stealth mode button to disable it.

    If this does not solve the issue, turn ON: Allow access to domain network under Firewall > Settings tab. This will enable domain discovery (printer and shares). This option will be displayed only if the computer is part of a domain.

    If you are still unable to gain access afterwards, turn OFF the button Block port scans in the network in the same tab. If the connectivity issue still persists, add a network exception by following the steps in the article below:

    Let us know how it goes.

    Best regards.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user