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Will all of my devices be still protected after deleting all Bitdefender apps?

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Signing out of all devices’ Bitdefender apps will affect the Bitdefender Total Security subscription effects and services while deleting all Bitdefender apps from all devices within the subscription or no? I just wanted to do this so that just in case any of us get to use one of our devices without messing up any of the parameters and settings within those apps. Thank you very much all in advance!

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  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
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    Hello @drwnhunter and welcome to the Community!

    I am not sure I understand your question. If you remove all traces of Bitdefender from your devices you will no longer be protected. Are you referring to signing out or session management?

    Best regards.

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  • What about just deleting all the apps but not signing out of all the deleted apps and not signing out of the session management as well? Thank you very much again in advance!

  • Alexandru_BD


    Session management will not have any effect on security applications (CL, BMS, etc.), but only Central app and web. Otherwise please elaborate on the following:

    • what do you mean by "deleting all apps"
    • what does "signing out of all the deleted apps" mean?


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  • Hello again sir. Deleting all apps provided by iOS and those devices are all 4th Generation iPads. And signing out of deleted apps refers to signing out of those apps before deleting them or removing them. Thank you very much again sir! 😀