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Got a text saying ’your boss‘ left you a voice message? Delete it immediately, it’s a scam.

Alexandru_BD admin
edited May 2022 in News & Blogs

Lately, people from around the world have reported strange, misspelled text messages saying they have a new voice message from someone close like their spouse, family members, or even their boss.

“Who on Earth still uses voice messages in this day and age?” would be a normal reaction. However, many recipients still click the link. They instantly regret it.

There is no urgent voice message at the other end, it’s just an old scam that cyber criminals constantly revamp. Sometimes it’s disguised as a message from a delivery company, other times it informs you pictures of you were recently uploaded, but each time it’s malware looking to snatch your financial details and turn your phone into a zombie.

The most intriguing detail about the current voice message scam campaign is that the messages seem to come from regular phone numbers. The reason for that is they actually come from legit phone numbers, but the owners of those numbers may have no idea.

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