Poll: What is the issue that a product such as Identity Theft Protection can solve for YOU?

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Upon launching the new Bitdefender Identity Theft Protection, one of the first questions asked by you, the community members, was if and when it will become available outside the US as well.

Identity Theft Protection is based on US identification data such as the Social Security Number and it is provided in partnership with IdentityForce. Although there are currently no development plans to expand the service outside US borders, the prospect is intriguing and we would like to know more about what would be the most valuable thing to you that Identity Theft Protection can offer?

What issue will it solve for you? Let's see some votes and comments on this one.

Poll: What is the issue that a product such as Identity Theft Protection can solve for YOU? 6 votes

It helps me prevent damages & financial losses from identity theft.
0% 0 votes
It helps me stay in total control of my data and gives me knowledge to understand where or how my information is being used online.
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It helps me recover certain expenses and lost wages in the event my identity is stolen.
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It gives me peace of mind.
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All of the above.
100% 6 votes


  • I was looking for a total package for identity theft protection, and recovery solutions, and Bitdefender Identity Theft Protection seems to do this very well. When my home mortgage servicer was recently being changed to another servicing bank I immediately received a notification from my Bitdefender product. This offers me peace of mind in knowing that it is looking out for changes, and keeping me up to date.

  • Hi @TimeCop,

    I'm glad to hear the product meets your expectations 😊👌

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!