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How do you log into bitdefender central, enter user name, enter password, get 2fa and enter that, but get back to general login site, goes in a loop.


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    Do you have 2FA enabled from e-mail?

    If so, you can check this post about that issue and read my comment in the post here (click on "View Post"):

    So, only @Alexandru_BD and @Mike_BD can help you with the issue, as they can temporarily disable the 2FA to allow access.

    Also, i would recommend you to enable 2FA from 2FA application (like Authy, Google Authenticator etc.), instead from e-mail, because like i said in my comment in that post, i never had any problems logging to Bitdefender Central from Authy.


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    Kindly wait for some time. The admins are also busy helping other people on the forums. Rest be assured, they will reply back to your query.


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  • @TJSS100 Sorry I'm late on this one.

    If the Central login goes in a loop, the first step would be to clear the cache and cookies, then exchange browsers and try incognito mode as well. If this doesn't work, you can try a password reset.

    I have temporary disabled the 2FA to allow the login, to eliminate this possible cause. Kindly try to login again and let us know how it goes. After successfully logging in, you can reactivate the 2FA additional layer of protection by following the steps described in the article below: