Stop nagging!

I totally fail to understand why Bitdefender doesn't abide by the settings.

When I disable "Special Offers" and "Recommended notifications" I expect the software to shut up and just do its job. Regular nags about Password Manager and Profiles are not required and are very annoying.

At least put a tick box on the nag to allow "Never tell me about this again".


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  • Hello @MisterD and thank you for sharing your thoughts in the ideation section.

    To offer an effective operation and increased protection while carrying out different activities, Bitdefender Autopilot will act as your personal security advisor. Depending on the activity you perform, either you work, make online payments, watch movies, or play games, Bitdefender Autopilot will come up with contextual recommendations based on your device usage and needs. The proposed recommendations may also be related to actions that you need to perform to keep your product working at its full capacity. This is the main purpose of the Dashboard recommendations section.

    With the launch of the new Password Manager, the recommendation of usage was also displayed here. This is designed to make the users aware of the available security features and help them make the best out of their Bitdefender subscription. With this in mind, the advisor proved very useful, especially for users that are not tech savvy and could use this guidance.

    The product development teams and engineers are working to create a progressive recommendation dismissal mechanism, that will be implemented in the upcoming release. Unfortunately, we don't have an ETA yet, but it will come for sure. Currently, disabling the recommendation notifications means that their frecquency will be reduced only to the essentials.


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  • This nag pop-up is extremely irritating. Is there any update on the ETA?

  • Hello @jmcardle and welcome to the Community!

    To which pop up are you referring to, exactly? Is it the Password Manager recommendation? Have you disabled the recommendations notifications?


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  • Yes, I have recommendation notifications and special offers disabled. I still get unsolicited popups regarding password manager. It happens every other day. Stop this behavior. I'm paying for Antivirus Plus, I'm not interested in any other services.

  • So many threads about this.

    Maybe Bitdefender should be testing before releasing such shoddy crapware as this.

  • Hi,

    The Password Manager pop-up notification is a recommendation that can be dismissed by clicking on the "x" button. It may be displayed a couple of times and we have learned that this behavior caused an inconvenience to the users, thus the development teams are looking into it.


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  • Hi,

    Can you tell us how many times have you received this pop-up notification so far and after dismissing it, how much time has passed before it was displayed again?


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  • The "how many" or "when" are NOT the questions here. The fact that there ARE popups, at all, is the issue. I turned these notifications off. Respect my decision. There is nothing to negotiate or trouble shoot here. If you want to advertise new features do it elsewhere, e.g. in the client, on your webpage, on your product pages. The only popups I want to see are the ones for the core function of your product: threat detection. That's it.

  • Hello @CrackalackingZ,

    The notification frequency was very important at that time, as the engineers were investigating the behavior in order to correct it. A fix was officially deployed on the 23rd of August via an automated update and with the 'recommendation notifications' option disabled, it will no longer be displayed.

    Thank you for your understanding and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.


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  • Thank you all for the constructive responses and for BitDefender for listening and responding.

    We all appreciate there will be new features you want to tell us about and that some users may not know what a password manager etc is so may benefit and will certainly be more secure for using one.

    I have just performed a fresh install of Win11 and BitDefender and have disabled Special Offers and Recommendations.....I look forward to a nag free least from BitDefender :o)