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can't mirror laptop to tv though amazon firestick because of bitdefender firewall blocking it



So I couldn't work out why I could not mirror my laptop to my TV through the amazon fire stick after I installed bit defender, worked out that the bit defender firewall was blocking it, my question is how do I configure the bit defender firewall to allow the windows connect, I believe it uses wifi and/or Bluetooth. At the moment I have to turn the firewall off and I could see a setting to allow the connect which given is a windows build-in feature I would have assumed would be allowed by default. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

p.s, on a side note, the Category selection on this site for posting a question would not let me select firewall, in fact, there were a lot of options I could select from and that was in the latest version chrome, firefox and edge, i assume there is a reason for this j/w

Thanks, P