Ensure all GUI controls readily accessible by keyboard, not only by mouse

I find it cumbersome to always have to be reaching for the mouse to do simple tasks, such as clearing a dialogue box.

When running an on-demand scan of a file (or set of files), currently it is not easy to clear the report from the keyboard (without viewing the BIS log file).


  1. Open File Explorer in Windows (mine is 8.1 x64).
  2. Highlight a file (or files), and open the context menu (right-click with the mouse, or use the relevant button on a Windows keyboard).
  3. From the menu choose Bitdefender>Scan with Bitdefender. (Can be done with the mouse, or else just press "B" and then "Enter".)
  4. A Bitdefender Contextual Scan dialogue box (or message box) is presented, which initially says "Scanning in progress..." and eventually (with luck) says "Your system is clean!".
  5. There are two buttons: "View log" (highlighted by default) and "Close". So if the user clicks "Enter", then BIS launches MS Excel in order to display the log file. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to tab across to the "Close" button, as there should be.

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    DIVERSE ✭✭✭

    Incidentally — digressing a little — I am not keen on any applications (e.g. Excel, web browsers) being opened up without an explicit request from the user, with the exception of basic tools like Notepad.

    Below is the irritating and unwanted result of me clicking "Enter" a handful of times (not more than that) on the Bitdefender Contextual Scan dialogue boxes (or message boxes).

    ...OK, the forum isn't allowing me to post images.

    It was an image demonstrating that the above launched eighteen (18) separate instances of Excel!!!

  • Hello @DIVERSE,

    Kindly retry to add an image. It should work now.

    Many thanks for your feedback, I will forward your observation to our developers for further analysis.


    DIVERSE ✭✭✭

    Well, it might be an anti-climax after I already described it in words, but here goes....

    .... ugh actually it's even more of an anti-climax than I thought. Apparently I still can't post "links" (including images) — you mentioned in another post that users need to be at Level 2 in order to do that.

  • Sorry about that, it should be fixed now (yes you are correct, Level 2 allows posting images as well).

    The description is very comprehensive indeed, thank you for that. I was asking for the picture for two reasons, to better illustrate the idea, but also to check if the permissions are applied 🙂


    DIVERSE ✭✭✭

    Here it is:

    I think the Level 2 permissions kicked in a short while after the previous post.

    DIVERSE ✭✭✭

    Here is the interface I was mainly referring to:

    I cannot see how to access the "Close" button from the keyboard.

    Incidentally, besides the desirability of being able to use the tab (or arrow) key to navigate between the "View log" and "Close" buttons, another desirable feature would be for a shortcut (underlined letter) to appear when pressing Alt. For instance, Alt+L might open the log, while Alt+C might close the window.

    There is one more slightly odd thing about this summary report generated from the Contextual Scan, which is that the window does not have the focus when it is first displayed. This adds an extra impediment to using the keyboard, because the user will first have to manually bring the focus to that window (e.g. use Alt+tab in Windows, or use the mouse to click a 'neutral' part of the dialogue box.

    Final point: using Alt+F4 can close the window, but only if the user has manually changed the focus to that report. Otherwise using Alt+F4 will close the underlying window that still retains the focus (e.g. File Explorer).

    DIVERSE ✭✭✭

    A little digression, but I'm also not sure that it's helpful/necessary to show separate icons for each Contextual Scan report in the system tray. (Maybe this was a side-effect of wanting to not add to the taskbar?)

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    You have my vote for the contextual scan 😎

    @Alexandru_BD Why is the contextual scan GUI launched separately when it can be featured in the product itself. Take an example of Kaspersky and ESET, when you run multiple contextual scans, they all run in the same main dashboard under one another in product antivirus section. No separate scan window is launched for multiple contextual scans and if we want we can launch the scan window separately also since we get the option to click on it manually for each of the contextual scan that is running.


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  • Gjoksi
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    agree with everything you said about the contextual scan... regards...

  • I'm also with you on this one. I will pass the questions to our devs for analysis.