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Can you guys please allow us to create accounts in the password manager without needing to enter a URL? I have a lot of different wifi connections I regularly connect to and I'd like to be able to record these in the password manager without needing to enter a URL for these.

Also I wish when I use the password manager, that it's the name/title that shows up on the list and not the URL itself.

Lastly, please add the option to create tags or categories for these. It gets confusing when I have a lot of passwords without categories.


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    Hi @cjmochimaru

    I'm not sure if this addresses idea number two, but you can add a name, Title to links in PM by clicking on the pencil edit icon and adding a title to it.

    I think for your third idea, this may help and is being considered so we would have more options, more "real estate" to work with, and maybe even categories to choose from?



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  • Curious if anyone found a "workaround" for NOT entering a URL?

  • just bought BD ulimate

    but don't like the password manager, and cannot get it to go to one particular website, or fill in the user name and pw on that page. it works for other sites but not the aforementioned (capital one website.)

    called up BD customer service but person said I should just read up!!!! not impressed

    i've been using roboform, but thought i would try BD pw manager. so far not impressed.

    here are some suggestions

    1. it needs to work properly, and
    2. it needs ability to display (sort) logins etc. by a title and category - look at roboform - its great for that, and
    3. needs ability to expand the BD pw window, and
    4. per the previous comment, allow entry on non URLs
  • Just an addition to point #2 It would be great to be able to sort the list by Title so it makes it a bit more usable

  • I use the "Notes" section of password manager for information when I don't have a URL. Sometimes, I use in the URL if I want to use the user/password in my password manager list; but I mainly go for Notes.

    There is little doubt that having the ability for a blank URL would be most handy; but I'm unsure if the good folk at Bitdefender are able, willing or currently working on it.

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    Can the Account list that comes up in the popup window be date sortable please. Its frustrating trying to find a new account just created and you didn't catch the account name details and the list is alpha sorted. This option is available for sorting the Notes list and Identities list but not on the Accounts list. Thanks.