bitdefender not keeping logs is a lie

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bitdefender does keep logs such as suspicious connections blocked, right on my PC, for anyone to see. why? I don't want my family (or bitdefender or government )seeing I sent a contribution to the Banana Republic Army of Cukamunda. Why is this there? If I put it in trash can is in still logged somewhere else such as a bidefender site? Does putting it in trash can just remove it from my screen or write over it so it is totally destroyed? Are there other logs like this bitdefender isn't telling me about? how to I find them, see them, and totally destroy them. bitdefender security is anything but secure unless this is fixed. (and not something I want to pay another $100 for in 5 days when my subscription is up)


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    Hi @Deklyn

    I'm not sure, but where did you get the idea that BD was lying to us about not keeping logs?

    The only thing I know that goes outbound regarding reporting to BD, is when we allow it in Settings/Advanced/Product reports. Otherwise, those notifications stay on our device; they are not uploaded to BD.

    We once in a while need to delete them as far as normal "housekeeping". I'm not sure if there is a location in Program files that would store them, but I doubt it. They're probably all deleted when we do it in the app itself?

    In this document, I did not see where notifications are being sent to BD.

    2.2. Technical data sent by Bitdefender product

    - when you use Bitdefender products it is possible to share with us some technical details, such as data for identifying the device (UUID), the infected URL you reported or an IP addresses. If you use a Bitdefender product that integrates with your email server, some technical data of the infected files could be send to us, including data such as sender, recipient, subject or attachment. In most cases, these technical data may not lead to your direct or indirect identification, but in some very specific cases, computer specialists might be able to identify a specific user. Therefore, we treat all such information as personal data and protect it as such.


    All Bitdefender Home Product User Guides:

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    Hello @Deklyn and welcome to the Community!

    Product notifications are kept for 30 days, both in the product and in Central (only certain notifications are sent in Central, those of detected malware / certificate errors in general). They can also be deleted manually, at your discretion. There is no option for such notifications to be disabled.

    For more context regarding Bitdefender notifications, you may consult the article below:

    Specifically for the "suspicious connection blocked" notification, more information is available here:

    In regards to the subscription renewal, you can check our "Renewal & Upgrade" section on the official website to get up to 55% off from the list price. For example, a subscription renewal for Total Security (up to 5 devices, 1 year) is currently offered at $39.98 at the following link:

    Thank you for being a valued customer.


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    In addition to my above post, I hope the below information offers more clarity:

    The data is completely anonymous and automated, we cannot access it from our side, only you can. The data is analyzed by AI engines, crossed referenced with a threat data base and presented to you and you alone. The notification system that allows you to see what Bitdefender has done to protect you is designed for your peace of mind. I cannot imagine a system where bitdefender would work for our customers without actually letting them know how it protected them.

    Bitdefender offers data security products and services. Our goal is to ensure information and network security by providing quality products and services in these areas while also respecting privacy and personal data of customers, Internet users and business partners.

    For this purpose, we collect only that personal data absolutely necessary for the specified purposes, on a best efforts basis. We do not sell your data. For the collected information and data, we strive to apply adequate solutions to anonymize them, or at least to pseudonymize them.

    Our main principle applied to the data we collect is anonymization of all technical data that can be used by Bitdefender only for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy below:

    Deklyn, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our engineers for more details regarding product functionality, network and information security.

    Best regards

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  • Deklyn

  • Deklyn

    Okay, Deklyn is sorry he said lie, it's too strong a word. And he didn't mean the title to be capitals/bold either, he doesn't know how that happened. However ... I just tried to go to the semiconductor museum run by Jack Ward, who I have dealt with for years, and his site is legitimate. Bitdefender flags it as problematic it and tells me to go back, so I do. I immediately go to my bitdefender->notifications->critical ----> and find:

    [Online Threat Prevention

    firefox.exe attempted to establish a connection relying on an unmatching security certificate to We blocked the connection to keep your data safe since the used certificate was issued for a different web address than the targeted one.] <<< COPIED off my bitdefender software.

    So there is, I can see it! It's not ghost writing. It's there. I'm glad an unsafe site was blocked, but darn it, it is also logged on my PC. Maybe you want to say listed, or recorded, or summarized, but the result is the same, the site identification I tried to go to is recorded on my PC. If I get up to get a cup of coffee anyone can see this list with a few mouse clicks. Don't even have to touch the keyboard. Or anyone who has access to my machine can see that information as well. I may not want anyone to see I tried to get to the semiconductor museum, or send a message to Putin or Kim junk Yunk, that got blocked. But those things would be on that list as well. Which is a log, but call it what you want, it's private information that people can get to (if they have access to this machine). It's there. I can see it. My eyes are bad but not that bad. How do say that isn't a log? How do you call that security?

    Let's say I did try to get to Kim Kong June but was blocked by bitdefender, and the NSA found out, and they didn't like me trying to contact Kimmy, so they come and take my PC away. Do they need forensics to disassemble my PC to see what I did? No, they just open my bitdedender software, my software, and that information is handed to them on a silver platter. And I go to prison for 20 years.

    From what I understand 'central' gets the same information. This is becoming a conversation on hypothetical problems and only in the worst of circumstances would cause an issue for someone. But darn it, the blocked site is LOGGED on my machine and is easily accessed, and evidently is also at central. What you do with it at central I don't know.

    Deklyn has to go do something else, this roundy-round conversation is wearing him down.