Improvements to bitdefender anti theft feature

I would like to request some improvements to the bitdefender anti theft feature:

1. Before an action is taken on a device using anti theft, the user's password should be requested to confirm the user's action.

This will reduce the chance of a user accidentally wiping their own device or a malicious third party opportunistcally abusing an open bitdefender central session.

2. An option should be given for users to disconnect individual devices from the anti theft feature on bitdefender central.

Currently, the anti theft feature does not allow this, which is not good in situations where the user does not want to have the power to lock, locate or wipe a device that is owned by a trusted friend or relative that the user has shared their license with.

Disconnecting a device from anti theft should be done from bitdefender central and require authentication. Reconnecting a disconnected device should be done on the disconnected anti theft device and also requires authentication.

3. Anti theft features should only be enabled when the user has 2FA.

The power provided by bitdefender anti theft should require additional security guards in order to reduce the likelihood of it being abused by malicious actors

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