Stop With The Bitdefender Advert Popups!

So I have moved to Bitdefender Total Security, I have had it less than a month and I am being annoyed by constant popups from Bitdefender to try this or that product from them - stop it!

I have followed all the advice and made recommended changes but still these annoying popups persist.

I also see multiple threads from users with the same issue yet it seems Bitdefender is ignoring them, this is not acceptable behaviour.

I have 5 licenses but I will not be installing it on any other systems and I am seriously considering ending my contract with Bitdefender and requesting a refund.


  • Hello @DerekW and welcome to the Community!

    Can you share with us the notification to which you are referring? Most of the pop-up notifications can be disabled, but we need to know exactly which ones are bothering you. There is a difference between ads, special offers and the recommendations displayed in Bitdefender. Disabling the 'special offers' option means that you will not be receiving any renewal offers or discounts in the product, while turning off the notifications for recommendations ensures that you will not have pop ups on your computer reminding you of these features in Bitdefender, but they will continue to appear in the dashboard along with a few others and the recommendations from the dashboard cannot be removed or disabled, unless an action is taken.


  • To late

    I have a business to run.

    You really need to look at your business practices, this kind of behaviour is not acceptable in this day an age

  • Hi,

    The Password Manager pop-up notification is a recommendation that can be dismissed by clicking on the "x" button. It may be displayed a couple of times and we have learned that this behavior caused an inconvenience to the users, thus the development teams are looking into it.


  • Same here! WTF???? If I don't find an answer, I am going back to the computer repair shop that recommended this POS and demanding a refund. There should be exactly NO popups or interruptions, EVER.

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  • This is too much! Why on earth make it this complicated to have a quiet antivirus. I want this rarely seen. I have 14 computers and going around on all of them to do is a pain in the ******. I am missing the simplicity of webroot with their lack of pop-ups. I will probably not renew. Clearly bitdefender cares more about being noticed than actually being useful.