Is There A Way To Disable Safepay In Parental Control?

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So I use Bitdefender for all my family devices. Including kids.

I use a parental control app to limit children's access to the internet and social media.

However, they discovered Safepay!

Is there a way to disable it or lock it with a password.

I ve been using Bitdefender for 2 years and it ve been great. I really do not want to change it for that silly reason.

Thank you so much.


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    Smart kids. :)

    As for now, there is no way to disable, uninstall or lock with password the Bitdefender Safepay module.


  • Can Bitdefender make SafePay inaccessible to child?

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    You should contact Bitdefender Consumer Support by chat, telephone or e-mail:

    NOTE: Bitdefender telephone support is not toll-free!


  • Following this discussion, this is a real issue as it is an open workaround with no solution, whereby kids can access anything they want on the web. Is there a resolution planned on the Bitdefender roadmap? I, like the other parent who posted this, prefer not to change from Bitdefender but will do so if this cannot be resolved.

  • Hello @DAGaillard and thanks for joining us here.

    Indeed, I have to say that this is a legitimate observation and I appreciate your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Following this discussion, the developers acknowledged this scenario and will start looking for possible solutions. A resolution for this has already been added on the product roadmap, however there is no ETA for its implementation, as it's difficult to predict when the solution will be developed and in what form. But I'm sure the product teams will come up with a proper solution for this "loophole" soon. 🙂