Improve the description of one of the settings in AntiSpam Toolbar for Mozilla Thunderbird

There really needs to be a better description for this option. What is "In-the-cloud detection" ?

Is the option there for scanning emails for spam in the Bitdefender cloud? If that is so, why is there the option for "Ask every time" for it?

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  • Hello @RobedPixel,

    Thank you for taking the time to bring this into our attention. I have forwarded your observation to our developers for consideration.

    The cloud detection makes use of the Bitdefender Cloud services to provide you with efficient and always up-to-date antispam protection. The cloud protection functions as long as you keep Bitdefender Antispam enabled. Samples of legitimate or spam emails can be submitted to Bitdefender Cloud when you indicate detection errors or undetected spam emails. This helps improve the Bitdefender antispam detection.

    Configure the email sample submission to Bitdefender Cloud by selecting the desired options and following these steps:

    1. Click Protection on the navigation menu on the Bitdefender interface.

    2. In the ANTISPAM pane, click Settings.

    3. Go to the Settings window and click the corresponding turn on or off switches. If you are using Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, you can configure the cloud detection directly from your mail client. Click the Settings button on the Bitdefender antispam toolbar.

    Your feedback is highly appreciated.

    Best regards

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