network hacking and YouTube

when I have below cases,is it considered network hacking?

in same network(same Wan ip), I used window 8.1 laptop to watch YouTube clips and shorts a few month ago.

contents was election debates and so on.

at that time, youtube shorts was strange and then it did not work finally. so i did not watch youtube shorts on that computer.

but other contents was fine.

later, i installed vpn on that computer.

a few month later, i watched youtube shorts on my smartphone(ios and android) at same network.

then i watched same contents on all smartphone.

all smartphone have each account,

each account is not same use.

I did not access political contents on most account.

contents was politic(almost one person only criticize).

so i swipe down quickly. then sexy women contents.

so i swipe down quickly. then horse mating(animal mating)

only those 3 are keep playing.

even I watched someone cut goat neck.

i think someone(some people) knows my wan ip and they hacked youtube server or someone inside youtube helped hacker.

and then they send strange contents to my network.

becaue, that time

when i used vpn, strange contents gone.

when i moved to other networks, strange contents gone.

or when I use web browser instead of YouTube.

so i think it is not just youtube algorithm.

it is network attack.