Stop uninteresting pop-ups like Password manager and VPN


Actually, I am a happy customer. I like the protection I get from Bitdefender. But then I have some major issues with the product. Why do I get several times each day a pop-up window informing me from new features I am not interested in. For instance, the password manager. I have a password manager. So why should I be interested in your password manager. And VPN? If I click it away the first time, why would I be interested in it the second, or tenth time?

So my question is what are my options to turn off these insistent and irksome messages?


  • Gjoksi
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    Open your Bitdefender program and go to:

    1. Settings -> General and disable "Special offers" and "Recommendation notifications" (for the "Password Manager" notification)

    2. Protection -> Antivirus -> Settings -> Scan flash drives and select "Autoscan" or "Disabled", do not select "Ask every time" (for the "USB Immunizer Recommendation" notification)

    3. Privacy -> Safepay -> Settings and disable "Safepay notifications"

    4. Privacy -> Video & Audio Protection -> Settings and disable "Notify when allowed applications connect to the webcam", "Notify when an application tries to access the microphone" and "Notify when browsers access the microphone"

    5. Utilities -> Profiles -> Settings and disable "Activate profiles automatically" (for the Profile notification)

    After doing that, in the future no pop-up notifications will be displayed in the lower right corner of your screen.

    REMEMBER: When a threat is detected, a pop-up notification will be displayed in the lower right corner of your screen and you can't disable those pop-up notifications.

    Next, as an option to fully disable the Bitdefender alerts and pop-ups, open your Bitdefender program, go to Utilities -> Profiles -> Settings and enable/activate "Work Profile" or "Game Profile".

    When "Work Profile" or "Game Profile" is enabled/activated, all Bitdefender alerts and pop-ups are disabled.

    Finally, as for the Bitdefender VPN pop-ups, you can simply uninstall Bitdefender VPN from your device by following the steps provided here (just select "Bitdefender VPN"):


    open the Bitdefender VPN program, go to Settings -> Notifications and disable "Allow notifications".


  • Hello @MBergijk and welcome back to the Community! I have noticed you've been with us since 2015 🙂

    To suppress the notifications in Bitdefender, you can follow Gjoksi's insightful instructions above. These steps will ensure only the essential warnings and functionality notifications are kept. In regards to the Password Manager, the antivirus does not recognize if you are already using a wallet or password manager from a different vendor and it will recommend this service to enhance the security of your devices.

    The recommendations from the dashboard cannot be removed or disabled. Disabling the "recommendation notifications" ensures that you will not have pop ups on your computer reminding you of these features in Bitdefender, but they will continue to appear in the dashboard along with a few others. This also happens because on some occasions, actions must be taken by the user.

    With the launch of the new Password Manager, the recommendation of usage was also displayed here. This is designed to make the users aware of the available security features in Bitdefender and it proved very useful, especially for users that are not tech savvy and could use this guidance.

    In regards to special offers, you may change the way Bitdefender communicates with you using the Central account as well. Simply go to, login and click on the profile picture to reveal the drop-down menu. From there, select "Bitdefender account", then go to "data & privacy" and select the privacy preferences option.