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Locked apps turn unblocked if Bitdefender is uninstalled from my Android?

edited September 2022 in Mobile Security

I am worried about my Android Phone being stolen. In the case it is stolen and it's unlocked at the same time, I have locked with bitdefender some critical apps or apps having my personal information. I am wondering if in that case, someone uninstalls Bitdefender, my locked apps become unlocked afterwards?.


  • Gjoksi


    You can use PIN code in Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android only for these three actions/modules: - Uninstallation of Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, - App Lock and - Anti-Theft.

    Open your Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, go to "More", in the new opened menu click on your account (your name and e-mail) and then click on "Uninstall Bitdefender Mobile Security".

    A new pop-up window will open with text "Enter PIN to confirm".

    And that PIN is actually the PIN you already set for the "App Lock" module, during the installation of the app on your phone.

    Without entering the PIN, it is impossible to uninstall the Bitdefender app.

    But, if you uninstall the Bitdefender app, ALL locked apps will become unlocked.

    Also, that is a normal behaviour for all mobile security vendors, if you uninstall the mobile security app, the locked app(s) will become unlocked.


  • If I uninstall it using the phone function, will it still ask me for the PIN?

    If I uninstall it using the phone function, will it still ask me for the PIN?