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Bitdefender and Domain Networks

This is more of a "is it just me" or does anybody else have these issues as it's driving me insane to the point I'm about to recommend removing BitDefender for an alternative solution.

Problem 1 - Domain connectivity

The biggest problem we have since BD was installed is that PCs just randomly drop off the network, mapped drives suddenly stop working. As a control I uninstalled BD on 2 test PCs in different departments and their issues went away. Clearly BD is causing issues, perhaps I have a setting wrong somewhere.

Problem 2 - "Misconfiguration Reporting.

On the cloud site I get a nice report showing which PCs have certain vulnerabilities, however I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that it's complete garbage and full of false reporting.


I've fixed the issues in GPO and forced updated everybody but devices are still showing as problem.

Is it just me, or does BD not like domains very much?


  • Slightly odd and somewhat automated bot like response - however I have noticed I put this in MAC not in Windows

    I'll repost in Windows.

  • I'm fully aware there is a customer support department and that they will need logs, I've used them before.

    All I am asking is does anybody else have these issues, I'm not looking for a solution but just to see if this issue is more down to our environment or do other places have the same problems.

    If it's more widespread I'll just ditch bitdefender, if it's local to me then I'll go back to customer support to try and find the anomalies.

    As for the "automated bot", it's because you copy and pasted a standard "get logs go to support" message.

  • Hello @BlofeldsCat and welcome to the Community!

    I assume you're using a consumer solution, not the enterprise one, and when you're saying "the cloud site" you're referring to Bitdefender Central?

    If that's the case, we don't have any red flags in our Support regarding this kind of behavior. However, your feedback is well received and we won't ignore it.

    @Gjoksi 's suggestion is the right one, as, even if it's have particular issue, logs and going through Support channel is the most effective way.

    Of course, we'd be more than happy if you share here the outcome, ticket number (so we can follow up and speed-up things, if possible).



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  • Hello Mike,

    We use BitDefender Gravity Zone which shows as "cloudgz" which shows all the errors on all the client PCs. My main concern is do other people have the same connectivity issues we are having where 4 PCs in the same environment, 2 with BD and 2 without and the 2 with BD randomly throughout the day will just disconnect from the server.

    If I am the only one then I'll try and fix it, if I'm not the only one then I'll just uninstall BD and get a different product, we didn't get these issues with Avast or Webroot from previous subscriptions.

  • Gjoksi


    Well, you never said you are using Bitdefender GravityZone!

    Anyway, @Alex_Dr or @Andra_B, which both provide support for business products, could take a look here and help you with the issue.

    Also, you could contact Bitdefender business support:


    P.S. Moved to "Enterprise Security" section.

  • We have not observed this kind of behavior with any of our clients, most of whom are domain based with shared folders. In addition to the logs, let support know what your agent policy configuration is. You can do amazing things with policies but there's a lot of wrong turns you can make too (the Policy MasterClass was excellent. See if you get get the recording for it sent. Worth the time - we made significant changes to our policies afterward)

    The Risk Section is a bit overwhelming at first - there are a lot of default vulnerable settings that, if the default action is taken, would disrupt operations for some clients. We've gradually built up documentation for the vast majority in 3 categories. Always Apply, Test to see what happens, and Never. This way we can pare things down pretty quick then work through the rest to get scores low enough that it's meaningful. I've submitted feedback that managing Risk Management would be a fantastic MasterClass.