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Is there a simple method to move saved passwords from google and more importantly Kapersky Password Manager to Bitdefender Password Manager. When I have tried I have been informed to create an Excel spreadsheet, populate it with over 210 passwords. Too laborious and time consuming and a major issue if Bitdefender REALLY wants to market this to the masses. I have paid for 1 year and frankly this is proving more trouble than it is worth.


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    Check the article below for detailed steps on how to import your passwords to Bitdefender Password Manager and let us know if you have any questions:


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  • Alexandru_BD,

    Thank you for the reply. I have looked at this and the method is exceptionally time consuming and difficult populating a spread sheet with a lot of information. I have been forced to give up on this and have successfully put a stop to the auto renewal of the product. If a way/option of importing a .txt becomes available in the future then life would be very simple for someone moving to a Bitdefender product.

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    The saving grace for me was that 90% of my passwords were in LastPass, the rest in KPM. So I manually filled those in Bitdefender PM. Otherwise, I would have considered it too much work as with you. Hopefully, they can improve that import ability.

    Use your other manager and see what happens in the next 2-4 months, as Bitdefender will be adding the option for a multiuser feature, at least that is my understanding from other previous posts. I also hope they will eventually include some ability to manage our passwords from our Central account, as I can with Kaspersky and with LastPass online site. A desktop app for BD PM has been passed on.

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