Traffic lights on Safari (MAC) messes up the Google Ads

I'm not a great fan of advertisements but when searching for products the Google ad section in the results pane is quite helpful. But with Traffic Lights turned on it's a real mess.

Inspecting the markup the <div> with the tick is 114px by 114px. Maybe use position absolute and overlay rather than push the other content around?

It's a feature I have to keep turned off.

Turned on:-

Turned off:-


  • Hello @TonyGirling and welcome back to the Community!

    This is indeed a known issue where for some google searches, the status bullets that are displayed next to the ads are too many and not displayed correctly. The development teams are currently working on a fix and my advice would be to get in touch with the Technical Support teams by opening a ticket, because this way you will be notified first hand when the fix is being deployed. The engineers will add your case to the existing reports, so they can send the resolution notification when found.

    You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here: