Hackers Steal $400 Million From Bankrupt FTX Crypto Exchange

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FTX, the massive crypto exchange that went bankrupt just a few days ago, has also suffered a giant hack that exceeded $400 million.

Everyone in the tech world, even those who have nothing to do with cryptocurrency, now know that FTX filed for bankruptcy following questionable practices from its CEO and other executives.

Hackers are also piling up on all the problems surrounding FTX by stealing well over $400 million right before the funds went into in cold storage. One of the first measures taken by FTX following its downfall was to block all transactions, which meant that people with cryptocurrency in their accounts could not take it out or move it to another exchange.


  • It's crazy to hear about FTX going bankrupt and now getting hit with a massive hack. I always get a little nervous when I hear about these big hacks in the crypto world, but I guess it's the nature of the beast