When BD Antivirus Plus Is Offline, Do I Still Have Full Security From Antivirus And ATD Modules?


I am wondering - if I have all fresh updates downloaded and then go completely offline - do I still have full security from Antivirus and Advanced Threat Defence?


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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @NobodyIsHere,

    Even if the device is not connected to the internet, it will still be protected if the antivirus is up and running.

    Bitdefender offers the best protection available online and offline and both modules mentioned above also work when completely offline.

    Advanced Threat Defense continuously monitors the applications and processes running on your computer. It monitors suspicious activities such as copying files to important Windows operating system folders, executing or injecting code into other processes, multiplying them, changing Windows registry or installing drivers and doesn't necessary require internet connectivity to do that. Each action is scored, and every process receives a danger score. If the overall score for a process reaches a certain threshold, Bitdefender makes the decision to block that application that 99% of the time turns out to be malware.


  • Flexx
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    To add here, if you are not connected to internet the only detection technology that will be lacking will be the cloud scanning. But traditional antimalware product can work without cloud scanning since they also make use of signatures and behaviour blocking.


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  • That's very interesting to hear.

    Thanks for the information @Alexandru_BD and @flee 🙂

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