I Have A Possible Security Threat To Report. How Can I Do That?

edited December 2022 in Security Research Team


I have a possible threat to report to Bitdefender that will require someone to look into a potentially harmful app that has gone unnoticed on the Playstore that seems to possibly be hiding malicious intent by delaying it sexecution of malicious actions until it has been used a few times or after a certain amount of time altogether. The app seems to very very quickly cause a red box to open behind itself that I caught because it bogged my computer speed down when minimizing and maximizing that I happened to just for a split second notice it mostly behind the window of the app itself and just as quick it minimized along with the app too. The app is Russian made which brings me great concerned as it is marketed towards kids and adults alike and readily available on the Google Play Store for Chromebooks as well as mobile devices.