Parental Control: Daily Time Limits Automatically Turning Off. Any Suggestions?

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Hi all - I've just tried setting up 'Daily time limits' in Parental Controls - once I've set this up and saved it, the toggle will show as being turned on and active.

However, if I reload the Parental Controls page, the toggle automatically turns off, and shows as grey and inactive.

(The difficult thing with this is that, in actual fact, it seems that the time limits are actually active though - because it will still lock out my child's device if it goes past that time limit. And there is no way to tell whether the time limits are actually on or off - because the toggle keeps automatically showing that it's turned off.)

Btw, I have tried this on both the Bitdefender Central website, and also via the Android app - both with the same result.

Has anyone encountered this issue (and if so, do you know what the fix is)? Thanks.


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    Hello @learnedbook,

    This is indeed a known behaviour that has been acknowledged by the developers. Parental Control time limits settings do not remain enabled after the internet browser is refreshed. This behaviour appears on multiple platforms and the engineers are currently working on a fix. For more information and troubleshooting I would recommend contacting our Support Teams by choosing one of the available contact channels from the link below:


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  • well its now 2024 and this is STILL happening, very frustrating.

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    @SMHart ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. This is an older topic. The best advice is that given by @Alexandru_BD in the preceding post from December 2022. You should contact support. We are not seeing recent reports of this anomaly, so it may have something to do with your computer configuration. You can try a repair installation. If that does not fix it, then please contact support.

    Please keep us posted in case this is a new bug that has not been reported. Thank you, and have a great day.



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