Do You Rely On BD Total Security In Terms Of Security And Privacy?

Do You Rely On BD Total Security In Terms Of Security And Privacy?


  • Hello @amralaa and welcome to the Community!

    For the past decade, Bitdefender has undoubtedly been one of the best security solution providers in the world – we’re not just beating our own drum and we often let independent reviewers, specialty magazines and customers advocate for that.

    To answer your question, you can rely on Bitdefender because we provide the best overall protection in the world. Proof to that are countless awards received from independent testing organizations and specialized IT websites. Bitdefender also has received more “Product of the Year Awards” than any other security vendor in independent tests in the last decade (2009-2019).

    You can check our industry recognition awards here:

    Our detection technologies are not only used by millions of consumer and enterprise users, it’s also being licensed to about 30 percent of our competitors in the anti-virus space.

    When it comes to privacy, Bitdefender offers transparency in regard to the personal data we collect, how and where we may use it, how we protect it, who has access to it, with whom we share it, and how you may correct it. More information is available in our Privacy Policy for Bitdefender Home Solutions at the link below:


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    I rely on Bitdefender Total Security since 2017. 😊


  • To add to this, I personally rely on Total Security since 2019 😋

    Being part of Bitdefender since, I know that this product is the result of years of development. I can tell you that some of the most skilled engineers and security researchers were involved in its creation and evolution and this is an antivirus that offers the latest cyber security technology available out there = peace of mind. Before anything else, it's a solution you can trust.


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    Additionally, have a look at the below stated list of antimalware vendors that use bitdefender malware database engine with their own malware database engine in their respective products.

    Consumer Product:

    Enterprise Product:


    OMEN Laptop 15-en1037AX (Bitdefender Total Security) & Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Bitdefender Mobile Security)