BitDefender on macOS doesn't seem to honor the exclusions list...

First, let me start by stating- I am a student working on a CyberSecurity degree. This means I have some VMs on a hard drive that have tools required for my classes including Kali Linux, etc.

I have added these to the exclusions list, but prior to adding them I had run a scan and this seems to have populated to the cloud-based Defender Central thing.

Anyways- in both locations I have put the Volume where these VMs reside into exclusion list, however this comes up every time that I have threats needed to be resolved.

How do I get the exclusions to take actual effect so it quits flagging these?

Look forward to any guidance. I have another issue with massive reads on boot from BitDefender, but I don't know if it's caused by the above problem...

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  • PS- what I mean by "both locations" is in the local exclusion list as well as by logging in to the Cloud based Defender Central website...