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BitDefender doesn't install at all

edited January 2023 in Install & Updates

Basically, same issue as described in this thread:

BD Total Security installation doesn't start at all — The Bitdefender Expert Community

My machine had an issue, just after some initial installations, that I needed to resort to a Windows Restore Point. My assumption is that it went back before BitDefender was installed, but still leaving some of its files loose around.

Anyways, the symptoms:

  • I start a new installation, it passes the first checks;
  • It asks me to reboot the machine so it will continue afterwards;
  • I notice that a new folder is created in c:\Program Files\BitDefender\{Random Guid}, but no file is placed there
  • After reboot, nothing happens

I've already done:

  • Booted in safe mode;
    • Excluded all folders named BitDefender in Program Files (both x64 and x86), ProgramData, %temp%, AppData\Local (traversed thru all users folders).
    • Excluded all registry entries named "BitDefender"
  • Cleaned all BitDefender related autorun entries and remaining services (using SysInternals Autoruns)
  • Disabled Windows Defender Real Time thru ordinary UI and thru group policy (gpedit.msc)
  • Tried to install both using both the offline and online/on-demand downloader installers
  • Tried to use the BitDefender Uninstaller Tool provided in this link

Obviously, I don't want to fully format my PC. I don't consider it as a viable solution for me now.