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I have a Total Security account and have a question regarding the accountprivacy feature.. What is the difference between the build in accountprivacy in Total Security and the "Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection"?

Is it the same and if it isn't the same, what is the advantage of Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection and how many identity's can you protect?

I can't find the answers on the website.

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  • Scott
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    edited February 2023

    Hi @Kempie

    The account privacy on our smartphones is pretty basic, leaks and breaches.

    The full-blown Digital Identity Protection has many bases it covers, with much more user interactive ability in our Central accounts, with lots of additional information on those pages.

    Here are the categories across the top of my account.

    To answer your other question, taken from the link below:

    10. What happens if I add multiple identities?

    You can add up to 10 email addresses and 5 phone numbers to have your identity monitored. If you add information about multiple people then your identity will be inaccurate. Please add only information about your identity. If you need to protect another identity please buy another Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection subscription and activate it in a separate Bitdefender account.

    If you have any more questions, let us know :)


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