AVLab Poland Testing Result January 2023

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So I saw this test result that was published yesterday and Bitdefender Free had a really bad result.

Bitdefender takes part in many tests and has always been one of the best in every test including home and enterprise products. So this result by Bitdefender Free here is really unusual and have put doubts in my mind regarding this lab's testing method. Even though it's Bitdefender Free, the core of the product is mainly similar so there shouldn't be a massive difference in protection between the free and the paid.

if Bitdefender is not aware of this test, then you should contact them quickly and ask for a full explanation of how the test was done, the collection of samples and a full recorded log of what happened during the tests. Maybe there was an error or a bug during the Bitdefender Free test.

Posting of only Virustotal links are allowed in the forum so I'm posting the test link via Virustotal.

Here's the test link:

You can also check the discussion on the malwaretips forum where an official from the avlap(pl) is present:


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    First of all, the test run by any 3rd party company for the different antimalware solutions should be taken as grain of salt. If you will contact their support also, you will receive the same reply from them despite participating in the test, they do not rely on their result outcome.

    Also the company avlab.pl is not recognized by AMTSO for testing of antimalware solutions. If you are unfamiliar with AMTSO you can visit their website https://www.amtso.org/ and get to know about them. As per AMTSO below are the 3rd party companies authorized for testing antimalware solutions.

    You can also check AMTSO website for this https://www.amtso.org/tests/


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  • I agree that not all tests are worth checking out.

    I know about AMTSO and AvLab Poland not being a part of it. I even shared this in the malwaretips forum that I linked above (SeriousHoax is my name on that forum. I use that name everywhere, don't know why I chose a different one in this forum. If you or any other mod can help me change my name here to that one then I'll really appreciate it).

    They said that they have applied for AMTSO this month and waiting to get certified. Let's see.

    I think there was an unexpected error when they tested Bitdefender Free this time resulting in this result. But I thought since they have published and showcasing this result, Bitdefender should verify how they performed their test in case there was an error which is slightly damaging Bitdefender's reputation there. Webroot is/was never better than Bitdefender for example. Bitdefender missing 13 where almost everyone else blocked all samples is something that is extremely unlikely.

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    @HomoSapiens, as per your request I changed your bitdefender community username to @SeriousHoax

    Addditionally, I have a collection of more than 3 million malware samples which constitutes samples of windows, macOS, linux, symbian, blackberry, android operating system constituting of ransomware, trojans, adware, virus, spyware, keyloggers etc. When I scanned these samples with various antimalware vendors, the detection rate of bitdefender was more as compared to other antimalware vendors. Also there were samples that were only detected by bitdefender and not other antimalware vendors. So, that does not mean that other antimalware vendor failed to detect the sample. The thing is simple, the sample which may be considered as malicious by one antimalware vendor may not be considered as malicious by other vendors.


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  • Thank you very much for changing the name.

    Yeah, Bitdefender certainly has one of the largest, if not the largest database of all products out there. They also like to keep all of the signatures locally so it has very good detection rate even when the system is offline or the connection is down. I also really appreciate the fact that Bitdefender actually listens to their customers feedback which is true even in the case of malware/malicious site submission. There have been many cases where Bitdefender initially didn't want to block some websites because of valid reasons but later reconsidered their decision and blocked them after I explained why they should be blocked. I can't say the same for other vendors in general. I also test new malware often in my VM and Bitdefender rarely miss anything important. So I have no complaints regarding its protection quality.