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Concerned About Security Of My WiFi Router GX Platinum 4410 By My Broadband Provider. Any Ideas?


My current wifi router is the GX Platinum 4410 GIGABIT WiFi Optical Network Unit (single_band, 300 megabytes_per_second). It was provided by my Broadband provider. I am happy with the speeds but I am concerned about the security.

Updating my router firmware is not an option since the router is a legacy device now. The updates have stopped since 2020.

So, How bad is the security of GX Platinum 4410 with the WPA2-PSK security protocol?

For the GX Platinum 4410, if I disable the Wifi transmission and just use the ethernet, will all the rest be mitigated?

I can upgrade with a new Wifi router like TP-Link Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6 WPA3 router and connect all my devices from it. But I still can't get rid of GX Platinum 4410 since it is the Broadband property and it is a modem. What do you suggest?

Also, I noticed that previously I could manage my modem settings like Reset Device in the Device Management Tab, Security Management, and Log Management. These options and tabs are now gone. I could also change the Username. Now it is fixed on Genexis.

I can still configure all the Wifi Settings and change the user password.

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  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
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    Hello @ebt15,

    As long as you only use ethernet you should be fine. You could add another more secure router donwstream of the GX Platinum and keep the later's Wi-Fi turned off. GX Platinum (Wi-Fi off) >>cable>>TP-Link Next-Gen (Wi-Fi on).


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  • ebt15

    Hello @Alexandru_BD,

    Thank you for your advice on the security concerns with the GX Platinum router. I appreciate your suggestion to add a new, more secure router downstream of the GX Platinum and keep the WiFi off. This seems like a great solution and I will definitely consider it.

    Just to clarify, if I were to go this route, would I need to configure the TP-Link Next-Gen router in a specific way to ensure optimal security? Additionally, are there any other security measures that you would recommend I take when setting up the new router in this way?

    Thanks again for your help and guidance on this matter.