Problem during Scan and Update

Yesterday I observed a problem that appeared during the System Scan. I enabled Full Scan and in the middle of the scan it said that the Program is starting an Update and it has Aborted the Scan. In the case of a large amount of data, this can be tedious because I now have to Scan again. Please add a rule that blocks the Update for the duration of the scan.

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  • Hello @Daniel - AVATAR and welcome to the Community!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

    I have noted your observation and will forward your suggestion to our development teams in the next feedback sprint. This is indeed the expected behavior, because the update is prioritized.

    Your contributions and ideas are always welcome and please feel free to share with us any other suggestions that come to mind in the future.


  • Voted, I agree. I think we would be fine without an update stopping or hindering the scan process, as our real-time protection has not been disabled during a scan, thus were still protected even if that update isn't installed "immediately".

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  • Just following up on this @Daniel - AVATAR have you tried these settings before?