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Hosts File


I added QNAP entry to the Hosts File to easily Map Network Drives from the NAS. Unfortunately, Bitdefender keeps changing Mi this entry by adding #. How to prevent this change while keeping the hosts file protected. ?


  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod

    Hi @Daniel - AVATAR

    Please post your questions in the proper sub-forums, as in this case it would have been better posted in the Windows sub forum, like

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  • Alexandru_BD

    @Daniel - AVATAR I have now moved your post in the relevant section.

    As you have recently joined the community, please take some time to read our forum guidelines here, because it contains useful information that will streamline your experience, help you make the best out of our forum and find the answers you seek.

    To answer your question, you can turn off the Scan hosts files option from the Vulnerability settings menu. This would be the only way.


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  • CPL

    I wonder if anyone at Bitdefender, including the moderators, actually try the things they give advice on before giving it. I'm trying to stop Bitdefender from blocking me from changing my hosts file right now, and even turning off the 'Scan hosts file' entry, or shutting off the vulnerability scan at the main switch does nothing!!

    I've paid for Bitdefender Total Security for two years now, and will be due for another year before long. But frankly, this is getting so hard to deal with...just something as simple as disabling it for a few minutes so I can make my own changes...but Bitdefender acts like it controls my pc and will not allow me to do it myself.

    I'll post a question of my own about editing the hosts file, but I'd really appreciate a solution that works...for once, please!!!

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @CPL and thank you for joining the conversation here.

    The above instructions should work and were meant for Daniel to try, but I cannot guarantee they apply for you as well.

    But I think there is a chance that this is not related to the antivirus and in order to get an accurate diagnosis, more information might be required. I would advise you to contact the Bitdefender engineers for a more in-depth investigation on this. You can reach our Support teams by using one of the contact channels available at the link below and surely they will have the right tools to provide further assistance on the matter:

    Let us know how it goes and please do share with us your findings, so we can know for sure if the antivirus is still interfering with the host file even after the relevant feature is deactivated.


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  • panco

    Should it be smarter to distinguish those IP is for internal network or external network? what is the threat for internal IP? Just don't simply replace hosts file....

    It is annoying to replace the hosts file back without any notification or confirmation.....especially for whom using VM or Docker or Kubernetes to do a home test lab...

    Should it allow user to determine if they can ignore the file replacement?