Exchange Protection - Top 10 Spam Recipients: How Do I Confirm Detected Users Are Spammers Or Not?

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I'm using Bitdefender gravity zone Business edition. I noticed in dashboard report showing exchange Protection top 10 Spam Recipients .How do confirm detect users are spammer or not?


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    Since you need help with business product, @Alex_Dr or @Andra_B (they both provide support for business products) could take a look here and help you with the issue.

    Also, you can always contact the Bitdefender business support:


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    Hello @SenS,

    The report shows the Top 10 Spam recipients. In this case, the e-mail address making the top 10 are the e-mail addresses that receive the most spam within your environment.

    If you wish to go further and attest whether the e-mails that are being classified as spam are legit or not, you will need to get in contact with the Enterprise Support Team with the e-mail addresses that are being marked as spam, to be sent further to the Lab team to analyze those e-mail addresses and test if they are indeed spam or not. Also, keep in mind that the e-mail addresses being marked as spam also depends on your rules for spam and policies in place.

    Please let me know how you wish to proceed.

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