Suggestion: Multiple scan on multiple disks

No antivirus has ever implemented this feture as a suggestion: Allow when performing a quick or full scan to perform multiple scans on multiple disks for better performance, instead of being sequences by partition letters C:\, D:\, E:\, etc.

The antivirus could detect through Windows which are your physical disks or SSDs and their lettrs and perform sequentially only if they are partitions of the same disk, examples:

Disk 1: Partitions C D

Disc 2: Partitions G H I

Disk 3: Partition Z

This way the scan would at the same time scan the partitions C, G, Z. And as soon as it finished, C would go to D, and when it finished, G would go to H, and so on.

For sure the performance would be better, because the CPU usage is not more than 5%, only 100% disk, but one disk at a time in the current scenario.

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  • Hello @Wings01,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

    I have noted your recommendation and will forward your feedback to our development teams in the next feedback sprint.

    Your contributions and ideas are always welcome and please feel free to share with us any other suggestions that come to mind in the future. The product developers are always open to new ideas coming from our users and will always consider the concepts that have true potential of making it into production.



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