Changes About "Update completed..." Notification When No New Updates Are Available



When you do an update, you get this screen:

But, when you open the program, you get no notification about a successful update:

Actually, it means that your program is already up-to-date and no new updates were found, downloaded and installed within your program.

But, the notifications "100%" and "Update completed..." make it a bit confusing for the users, especially the unexperienced users. It will make them think that updates were downloaded and installed, but the user didn't get a proper notification about that in the "Notifications" tab.

So, more appropriate notification in the first window would be: "No updates available.", "No new updates available.", "No updates available. Your product is already up-to-date." or something similar to that.

Also, when an update is completed, i don't see the point of the three dots "..." after "Update completed", because we all know that "the ellipsis (also known informally as dot dot dot) is a series of dots that indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning" (taken from Wikipedia 😁). So, it should be only "Update completed" or "Update completed.".


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  • Hi @Gjoksi,

    The above would apply in the scenario in which the user updates manually for some reason, by clicking on the Update option in system tray. Although this option is available, it's not mandatory to use, since Bitdefender automatically checks for updates 5 minutes after you turn on your computer and every hour after that. It's unlikely for this feature to be used intensively during daily usage.

    Before the screen illustrated above, it can be noticed that the percentage refers to the progress of the update check:

    Once it reaches 100% - Update completed.., it means that the verification process has ended and the message below confirms that the product is up-to-date - "Your product is up to date. For more details click the link below".

    Basically, it does not display a message in the notifications tab because the previous window displayed the confirmation that the product is up to date, so it would be redundant to repeat this information in the notifications section.

    I can't pronounce myself in regards to the ellipsis, maybe the update text changes from 'checking' to 'completed' and it's just kept there. But I have forwarded your observation to our development teams for analysis.


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