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Why do I have log into my Bitdefender account to open Password Manager?

SteveS ✭✭
edited May 2023 in Password Manager

I just downloaded an app & tried to create an account for the app, but when I go to use Password Manager to create a password for it, I enter my Master Password but then I have to log into my Bitdefender account to get Password Manager to open!

I thought the whole idea of a password manager was so you only have to remember your Master Password to open it, so it can 'manage' your other passwords etc., etc.

But access your "Master Password" you have to be logged in to your Bitdefender account which means you need to remember that password as well. So good thing I can open a browser, go to saved passwords, copy my Bitdefender account password & use it to open Bitdefender Password Manager!

Why do I have Bitdefender Password Manager installed on my Android device... if I know? This app is useless if you have to can't log into it using your Master Password!!!

Oh, while I'm here. Why do you have a "Feedback" link on the Password Manager app that doesn't let you provide feedback? It allows you to ask a question & spend hours wasting time looking for a solution...which is not my idea of providing feedback.

So here's some real feedback...your Password Manager app is crap if you still have to remember more then one password to use it. Stick that where the sun don't shine Bitdefender.


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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @SteveS,

    Password Manager comes as an extension also called add-on that can be quickly added to your browser. Currently, it supports the following desktop browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

    The browser extension retrieves its validity from your Central account. Active subscriptions are listed in the “My Subscriptions” section of Central, so you will see Password Manager displayed there as well, since you are using the Premium Security package. After adding the Password Manager extension to your browser, you will have to log in with your Bitdefender Central account.

    Then, simply set a strong master password, then press the Save Master Password button. You will need your master password to unlock the data stored in Bitdefender Password Manager.

    You will receive a 24-digit Recovery Key. Copy your recovery key to a safe place and don’t lose it. The key is the only way to access your passwords saved in Password Manager in case you forget the master password.

    Press Finish account setup when you’re done, then Finish setup.

    Now that the new Password Manager extension is installed in your browser, you can start adding web profiles and accounts, so you don’t have to type your passwords by hand when you sign in to your favorite websites. To use these accounts, you will be asked from now on to sign in with your Bitdefender Central account and then input your master password. Bitdefender will take care of the rest.

    Once you’ve added the Password Manager extension, click on its icon at the top of your browser.

    ⓘ Note: In the Google Chrome browser, the extensions are hidden by default, making them harder to spot. To access the Password Manager icon, first click on the small jigsaw puzzle icon near the address bar. The “Extensions” menu will appear, displaying all your enabled add-ons. You can pin the Bitdefender Password Manager add-on to the toolbar so that it always remains visible by clicking the pushpin icon next to it.

    When you log in, you can the tick the Remember me box. Also, to keep Password Manager from opening a new tab, once logged in, on the left hand side -> Settings/General and check the box, "Disable login tab at startup" and see if those settings help.

    I hope the information is useful.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • SteveS
    SteveS ✭✭

    Hi @Alexandru_BD, thanks for that. Password Manager seems to be working on both my PC & Android mobile (currently a Samsung) most of the time, but occasionally on my mobile it wants me to log into my BD Central account to open the app rather than using my Master Password. So I have to look up my BD Central login details in my browser saved passwords to use it, which I think makes it somewhat redundant, not to mention very frustrating.

    Maybe it only happens when I use Bitdefender to optimise my PC & it signs me out of everything as part of the optimization process, & I have to log back in to a lot of my accounts using 2FA etc., etc., but I haven't actually tested it to see if this causes the issue or not.

    The other thing is, I just checked my files & I have a "Bitdefender Password Manager_recovery_kit.pdf" document in my ".../BD Password Manager/Trial folder".

    Firstly, how would I see if this is still up-to-date, I suspect it was the one I got when I first installed Password Manager as a trial version. I noticed it says if you make a new Master Password you get sent a new recovery key. But, can you just download an updated Password Manager recovery key without changing my Master Password? The later would be more convenient if it's possible. I haven't actually changed my Master Password since installing it as a trial version, so maybe that one still works?

    I guess I should change my Master Password occasionally, like everything else these days. But, I'd better pull out the hidden "little black book of passwords" to record that one...the holes in the sieve in my memory are getting bigger by the day it I seem to be quoting Homer a lot these days....Simpson that is..."doh!" again.

  • Alexandru_BD


    Yes, the optimization process on the PC cleans your browsers and you have to log in again. Bitdefender itself activates the process to clean cookies from browsers, it does not have its own engines and from there the logged in sessions disappear.

    Once you have chosen a master password and received a recovery code, you can receive other recovery codes only if you want to change your master password.

    Off topic, check out the latest video guide on Password Manager here:


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user