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Hi, ive relocated to Cairo Egypt, I work in a hotel, my VPN is not working. (182,181 errors tunnel broken)

I have followed all the steps described on the troubleshooting still can not connect.

The IT team in the hotel confirms no firewall and no port restrictions, asked me to get in touch with Bitdefender side.

I am connected through wifi.

Any sugestions ? Thank you


  • Hello @danmnd,

    There are a few common causes of Bitdefender VPN errors:

    • No Internet – Make sure your device is connected to the Internet with a strong and stable connection.
    • Firewall – Check that your firewall isn’t blocking the VPN. If you’re not sure, look in your router’s manual, contact the manufacturer or your Internet provider.
    • Another VPN or Proxy – If you’re running another VPN or Proxy, disable it when trying to connect.
    • Public Wi-Fi (like in a hotel, school, or office) – Contact the network administrator to see if they can change the firewall settings and allow the VPN connection.
    • Port 443 is blocked – Port 443 UDP must be open for Bitdefender VPN to work.

    See if the article below helps in any way:

    If the VPN connection still cannot be established after following the above troubleshooting steps, please contact our Support engineers for a more in-depth investigation and provide them with the following information:

    • The OS and version on which the vpn is running
    • Whether the problem occurs on a specific location or all locations?
    • IP of the affected server
    • Whether the problem occurs only on mobile data/Ethernet or only on wifi or present on both. Preferably try multiple networks
    • App version.

    The above information would help the engineers find the root cause. You can get in touch with the Support teams by choosing one of the contact channels available here:

    Let us know how it goes.