Bitdefender Home solutions - version

When they release the new version of the Bitdefender engine, that is, version 27?, well, version 26 takes a long time and I feel that it needs an update.



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    Good question. I was wondering the same thing.


    Any news on this matter? Thanks.

  • Hello,

    The latest Bitdefender version for Windows is and comes with all the necessary fixes and improvements that were on the roadmap for this build. Product updates are usually released once a month, but there are also limited rollouts or hotfixes that might take place inbetween the major updates. The version was initially released in December 2022 for a limited number of users and contained some required improvements at that time.


  • We are in May 2023, I don't see version 27 anywhere. For some reason I ask, what happens with that version?

  • @hobbitmannn we are still on v26. When v27 will be ready for deployment globally, has not yet been decided and will be announced at a later time.