Diablo 4 - PC crash/shutdown

I've installed Diablo 4 today. Bitdefender free antivirus is causing my entire system to crash/shutdown. The antivirus already had similar issue in Diablo 4 beta, however it was only crashing the system at that time.

So - I was playing Diablo 4 and when I've reached the church cutscene (where Lilith appears in the church), my computer crashed/shutdown for the first time. It is a first/second gameplay hour, depending on how fast are you playing. After it happened for the first time, it was repeating quite fast after rebooting the system, during the same cutscene.

What exactly happens:

  1. Screen goes black, some of the PC components are shutting down (LEDs at RAM still glowing, GPU light goes dark)
  2. Part of the keyboard lights go dark as well, but not all of them
  3. Reset button on PC does not work, I'm not sure if system is booting at all since GPU seems to not be working correctly after this crash
  4. During one of those crashes my BIOS config reverted itself to defaults.

Why this is Bitdefender causing the issue:

  • I had a similar issue with Diablo 4 beta (~two months ago), however my computer and system was hard locking/freezing when playing it at that time, the only solution was to reset the PC. In full Diablo 4 release, issue with antivirus started after the exactly same location as in Beta so it must be the same or very similar bug.
  • Disabling Bitdefender completely fixes the issue
  • There are no issues with other games
  • PC is stable, it is not overclocked and it does not overheat
  • No issues in stress test or PSU issues on full load
  • The only thing that helps is disabling the Bitdefender antivirus

And one more important thing:

  • it seems that adding Diablo 4 to Bitdefender exceptions is not working


Windows 10 Pro (22H2), AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor        3.80 GHz, 32,0 GB, NVIDIA MSI GeForce 3080

Bitdefender version: