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Updates for SafePay


When using SafePay I now get a message that says 'to get latest Bitdefender SafePay updates you need Windows 10. You have Windows 7'

However, I have Windows 8.1. Anyhow, does this message and the fact that I am running windows 8.1 mean that I will not get any latest updates to SafePay and my 'SafePay' use is compromised or is this just some Microsoft message to get me to upgrade to Windows 10?

Thanks for any replies.


  • Gjoksi


    This is really strange.

    Before i upgraded to Windows 10, i also had Windows 8.1 installed on my laptop on never got the same or similar message when using Safepay.

    Maybe @Alexandru_BD has more informations.


  • Alexandru_BD
    Alexandru_BD admin
    edited June 2023


    Yes, Chromium marked windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1 as EOL. Safepay is based on Chromium. With the latest update, Bitdefender informs users who use outdated systems to upgrade their OS.

    The notification title refers to windows 7 indeed, but the content also mentions windows 8.1:


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  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff
    edited June 2023

    If you have Windows 8.1 and is displayed 7 it's a bug in formatting the output.

    However, this is legit, and it does not mean it is compromised.

    Safepay is based on Chromium, which is not anymore updated for Windows older than 10. The latest version supported for pre-Windows 10 is Chromium 109, which is what the message states. The browser will continue to work using the 109 version, but that will not change for Windows 8.1 and older. Also Google Chrome, Edge itself, Opera etc. are deprecating support for these operating systems, not only Safepay.

    So this means whatever updates we can provide, we will, but this is limited to our Chromium engine, and means bug fixing, maintenance and improvement of our level, but we cannot upgrade Chromium itself for users having Windows 8.1 or older to a version later than 109.

  • Geo.
    Geo. ✭✭✭

    Thanks for all the replies.

    This is 'disappointing'. One of the reasons I switched to Bitdefender was for the SafePay function. 😕

  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff
    edited June 2023

    This is the same for all the major browsers. It's not an ideal situation, and I understand (and share) your frustration, but it is the operating system itself out of support (since 01/14/2020) from Microsoft - something that is obviously out of our hands. Even one of the most enduring from the version support, Firefox ESR, announced stop supporting Windows 7 around October 2024, which is 18 months away.

  • Hallo,

    ich wurde von meiner Online-Banking gesperrt, weil der Browser veraltet sei im Safepay, ich habe aber den neuesten Browser von Google-Chrom und Windows 10, Safepay war für mich der Hauptgrund weshalb ich Bitdefender Total Security gekauft habe.

    Was mache ich da falsch ?

    Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung im Voraus.


  • Gjoksi



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  • Hello Folks - I use GrandPa as my ID

    I utilize BitDefender Total Security Safepay Bookmark facility when completing my online financial transactions. I also utilize BitDefender’s VPN.

    I have no problem accessing my AMB Bank’s online login facility using BitDefender’s ‘Safepay Bookmark Link’ – BUT when I wish to close their AMB Web Page after completing these financial transactions, this results in the Lack of or an unlocatable facility to fully close-down this AMB Web Page after my logging-out of our AMB account?

    There is NO Options currently displayed on my PC screen - such as the following symbols:

     ‘-‘ ‘0’ and ‘X’ which are normally displayed at the top RHS of any AMB Web Page. This situation ONLY occurs with this AMB Web Page and not with any my other Company’s Web Sites. Furthermore, this doesn’t occur if I instead Login to the AMB Login facility using my Chrome web browser?

    Hence, the only way of my fully exiting the AMB Web Site, is by me simultaneously holding down the ‘ctrl, alt + delete’ keyboard keys & restarting my PC from scratch.

    Kind Regards from GrandPa.