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Where do I go for assistance on an incomplete scan?

KW Integrity
KW Integrity Scan keeps stalling out at 34%, after 25 hours.


We have a very small office consisting of 4-5 active endpoints. One endpoint consistently stalls out at 34% when we task a full scan. The scan reads incomplete after trying to run for 25 hours.

How do I know what is causing the scan to stop at 34%?

How do I fix this, depending on cause?

I can't even find the scan I ran in the task section at this time.

Where to I go for basic help... not a IT person, have little experience with troubleshooting this software, but have been tasked to do so at this time.


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  • KW Integrity
    KW Integrity Scan keeps stalling out at 34%, after 25 hours.

    Thank you!

  • Alex_Dr
    Alex_Dr Quality & Customer Experience Specialist BD Staff

    Hello @KW Integrity,

    I do apologize for the late reply and hope my answer shifts you on the right track.

    In these types of cases, you will need to contact the Enterprise Support Team as they will need to troubleshoot the situation, in this case, acquiring logs from your side, for the Bitdefender Product. The reason they will require logs is so they can pinpoint the error message within those logs, that prompts the product to stop scanning after 34%.

    Please keep my updated with the case number and updates so we can fix it as soon as possible.

    Best regards,

    Alex D.