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App Lock won't allow me to lock Bitdefender App itself with Biometrics

edited July 2023 in Mobile Security

The App Lock looks good, but I cannot use it to protect the Bitdefender App itself (it's not listed to select). Therefore if someone were to snatch the phone when it was unlocked, all they would have to do is fire up Bitdefender, go into App Lock and disable it for all of the Apps. Am I missing something or is there a way to block access to Bitdefender app itself on an Android device to Biometric only?


  • Gjoksi


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  • Very good question. I wonder why it wasn't answered here and you have to call chat to find out.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @MoutainMike,

    If you uninstall through the application, it asks for the PIN, and the device administrator permission being in place, it doesn't allow uninstalling.


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  • I never mentioned Uninstalling, you don't need to. All they would need to do would be open Bitdefender and then go into App Lock and turn it off for all Apps - thereby making it useless.



  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @Mikeybbad,

    The user is still requested to enter the PIN to disable App Lock. So, it's not required just for uninstalling. Basically, you must also activate Anti-theft first -> activate protect settings and you will be asked for a PIN to modify settings in Bitdefender Mobile Security from then on.

    Usually, mobile devices these days lock very quickly. Let's take the worst-case scenario: even if the phone is snatched from you, it can be remotely located, locked or wiped in case of loss or theft. Plus, the device is capable of self-defense with Anti-Theft enabled, as it snaps a mugshot of anyone who tries to tamper with it in your absence, and emails it to you. Needless to say that, the best security defense is always prevention, so make sure to use biometrics and don't leave your device unattended. In the unfortunate event that it gets lost or stolen, I think Mobile Security does provide efficient ways of keeping your sensitive data safe.



    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • its_lambda

    it asks for the PIN

  • You can't uninstall with anti theft on but you will get a message saying "you can't uninstall device admin app" with a link to Device admin apps where you can disable BitDefender and uninstall the app that way...

  • Mikeybbad
    edited February 6

    Thank you for the feedback and it does NOW seem that they have added the PIN/Biometric check before they let you do that, back when I raised this, that was not a feature and hence my request. So thank you Bitdefender for adding this feature after not actually ansering my original request back in July.