When will logging in every single time we open our browsers, or switch browsers, stop or change?

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I've seen the questions and discussions on the topic long before now. I want a response other than "We're looking into it" or "It's being addressed." If there's a solution I'm unaware of, I would love to be enlightened because the constant signing in every ******* time I open my browser is infuriating at this point. I love the service, but there has to be something that can be done from your end. Remember Me doesn't work at all, and a choice to remember my PC as a login point would be fantastic regardless of OS. Even something as simple as making users sign in after X amount of days would be nice. The mobile version is excellent, and I have no complaints there, but the only reason is that I can use biometrics to log in whenever I need to. PCs need a solution in this regard.

I also just noticed today that I have to do one of the most annoying things an extension has ever made users do, refresh/reload the page. LastPass did that, and it's beyond obnoxious, so please give the option to deactivate it. I understand it's all security-based reasons, and I appreciate that, but a better way always exists. These "little" things might seem silly to gripe about, but time isn't free, and when you're jumping from device to device and browser to browser throughout the day, it adds up. It's also just highly annoying and repetitive.


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    Hello @HUSK,

    Do you also have the 'Disable login tab on startup' checked? After you've opened the Settings, the option at the very top says "Disable login tab on startup", simply check that box.

    Using 'Remember me' does not mean that you will never have to use the Master Password again. As it is easy to forget the master password, and due to the security concerns in case the device gets lost or stolen, the user will remain logged in for 72 hours, after that the master password will be asked for again. However, if you are using the browser or the application actively every day, the 72 hours window gets refreshed every 24 hours.

    If you have inactivity lock with logout option enabled, then it is normal for the password to be asked again, since you are completely logged out of the account.

    On mobile devices, the user is still required to enter PIN/biometrics, to ensure the device is in the correct hands. Note: If there are any security concerns about “Remember me’, you can use Inactivity lock with PIN unlock. This way, you can still use “Remember me”, but the extension will be locked when inactive, as an extra layer of security.

    Now, there are a couple of questions to ask before concluding that the feature doesn't work as expected:

    • Was the 'Remember me' box checked when logging in?
    • Did you log out manually from Password Manager? – if yes, that’s normal.
    • How long ago did you check 'Remember me'? – the feature is time limited to 72 hours.
    • Did you use the “Secure me” feature targeting the device with the issue? – if yes, that’s normal, as you were logged out.
    • Did you enable Inactivity lock with logout option? - if yes, as mentioned above, that is normal as you were logged out.
    • On mobile devices, are you asked for the master password, or PIN/biometrics? If PIN/Biometrics is requested, that’s normal, this is asked for to ensure the device is in the correct hands.

    I hope the information is helpful.


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    I have done those things and Feb 2024 I am still having to constantly log into my main account to access my PW Manager and then log into that as well. Constantly,,,,,,, and I wont be renewing my subscription as its clear they wont address this issue.