Websites slowed down when Encrypted Web scan is enabled.

edited August 2023 in Archive

I recently encountered a peculiar issue with the Encrypted Web Scan feature in Bitdefender. I've noticed that when this feature is enabled, the loading times for specific websites (particularly those hosted on Vercel) are significantly slower. The loading time is more than a minute instead of under a second. This issue occurs across different browsers.

Here are some details about the problem:

  • Affected Websites: Primarily sites hosted on Vercel.
  • Browsers Tested: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave.
  • Bitdefender Total Sercurity | Build

I have done extensive troubleshooting to narrow down the issue to the Encrypted Web Scan feature. Disabling this feature instantly resolves the problem, and loading times return to normal.

I'm eager to understand why this is happening and if there's a way to use the Encrypted Web Scan feature without these slowdowns. Is this a known issue? Are there specific settings or configurations I should be aware of?