Is this a false positive? Im a bit worried.

So out of nowhere, a notification on my pc appeared whilst i was scanning with malwarebytes, i was doing my daily scan with malwarebytes free when all of a sudden i see a bitdefender popup of a "disinfection in progress." The file was a RAR file of a pirated goat simulator with all DLCS included, i got this from steamunlocked in 2021, so its been lost in my pc downloads for a while. so why is it coming up now? the threat detected from this goat simulator file was "Trojan.generic.21975388", is this a PUP? or a false positive? cause i remember playing this file, it worked just fine. In 2022 i got a bad virus attack, i dont know what it was from but im still a bit paranoid because of it, and this trojan thing is popping up out of nowhere, and if it is a trojan or an actual virus, should i feel safe now that bitdefender has "Deleted" it? im just a bit paranoid.

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