Is this site legit, or scam? ””

I got an email from this site "", advertising very cheap BitDefender packages, up to 3 years of service.

I started wondering if this is a legit shopping site for Bitdefender when I realized the email was announcing me that I have to renew my licence and I should buy while the offer was standing (a timer in the email was marking the count down of 3 days or so for the sale.

I went to check on the Bitdefender Central the status of my licence and I still have around 4 months until renewal is necessary. So... I made a quick web search about this site and I couldn´t find any warning. BUT when clicking on the links in the email, Both the browser and the Bitdefender warned me that the site can´t be trusted...

Any insight on the issue?

This is the content of the email. It smells like a scam, but I had to ask.