Community Contest - Scuderia Ferrari Prediction Challenge

Dear Bitdefender community members,

We are launching a contest that will set your hearts racing. Get ready to unleash your inner strategist and dive into the thrilling world of motorsport predictions. We present to you the "Scuderia Ferrari Prediction Challenge" for the ongoing 2023 racing season!

Do you have what it takes to predict how the races will unfold for Scuderia Ferrari this year?

Put your racing knowledge to the ultimate test and compete against fellow fans from around the globe. Here's your chance to showcase your racing intuition and claim the title of the ultimate Grand Prix expert. Participants will predict a series of selected race events for Scuderia Ferrari, such as tyre usage, lap times, number of pitstops, number of safety cars, weather conditions, the final positions of the drivers at the end of an upcoming Grand Prix and more. Use your expertise and intuition to predict the key events that will shape the race for glory.

Starting with the race at Zandvoort, we will ask a series of questions for each Grand Prix until the final event of the season at Abu Dhabi.


1. Join the Bitdefender Expert Community to stay updated on the race calendar and contest announcements.

2. For each race, answer the question asked on this thread and make sure to submit your predictions after the qualifying session ends. The questions will revolve around the team's performance, strategy, and race conditions. It’s not necessary to provide your contact details on the contest thread, we'll use your email address to get in touch if you win.


If you are a Scuderia Ferrari fan, you'll love the prizes we got for you. Whenever you accurately answer the questions at any race this season, starting with the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix that takes place on Sunday, August 27th, you win a Scuderia Ferrari Team cap and tshirt! And there's more.

This contest will take place throughout the 2023 season and the community member with the highest number of correct predictions will be awarded an exclusive prize package at the finish line.

We are offering a 1:18 scale model of the SF-23 F1 car and a Bitdefender Premium Security license (1 year, 10 devices). Not to mention that, at the end of the season our number one guesser will be symbolically crowned "Race Prediction Champion". In the event we won't have a Race Prediction Champion when the contest ends, we will do a special draw including all the participants from the beginning of the contest until the end, and we will award the car to the winner of this draw. The special drawing will be achieved using a randomization program established at the time.


The winners will be selected as follows:

After each Grand Prix is concluded, we’ll check for winners and if you win, we'll notify you using your registered email address. In case of a tie, the participant with the earliest entry submission will be declared the winner. In case of multiple correct answers, the same rule applies. Kindly be advised that only one entry per participant will be accepted for each race and the predictions must be submitted before the race starts. Any subsequent entries will be disregarded. The contest prizes will be shipped to the winners in the shortest time possible after making contact and establishing the delivery details. Please note that although the delivery expenses are supported by Bitdefender, unforseeable custom charges may apply when the package arrives at its destination.

The drawing will held on each Monday after the Sunday's race at 11:00 AM and the winners will be announced on the Contest thread. Don't forget to predict after qualifying ends, to enter the chance to win on race day! (GMT +2).

Mark your calendars, and get ready to rev your prediction engines for an action-packed season of high-speed racing, iconic circuits, and intense competition. With unpredictable twists and turns waiting to unfold, this will be an exhilarating challenge!

Spread the word, tag your fellow motorsport fanatics, and let the battle for prediction supremacy begin! Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your expertise and win our amazing prizes. Join us for the "Scuderia Ferrari Prediction Challenge" - the ultimate Bitdefender Community contest of 2023!

The present Contest Terms Sheet is governed by the provisions of the Contest General Terms and Conditions which is available, free of charge, to any applicant (and/or participant) on the Contest’s web site: Contest General Terms And Conditions (

If the Contest is terminated due to tampering or technical difficulties prior to its expiration date, a notice will be posted on Bitdefender’s Contest lading page.

Note: This contest is purely for entertainment purposes and is not officially affiliated with Formula 1.


  • We start this challenge with the upcoming race at Zandvoort this weekend, and here is the question:

    What will be the finishing positions of the Scuderia Ferrari drivers in the Dutch Grand Prix?

  • Gjoksi
    Gjoksi DEFENDER OF THE YEAR 2022 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Position 5 & Position 6

  • 🏁 The Dutch Grand Prix proved to be a complicated race for Scuderia Ferrari. Carlos Sainz showed us once again that he is a fighter and despite the extremely difficult track conditions, he managed to secure fifth place. Unfortunately, Charles Leclerc had to retire the car with floor damage after the colision with Piastri.

    The Zandvoort race concluded without any winners for our contest. The World Championship resumes in a couple of days, so let's gear up for the upcoming Italian Grand Prix at Monza on September 3rd.

    🔜 We'll post the next question on Friday. Stay tuned!

  • 📣 This weekend, the Temple of Speed will host the 94th edition of the Italian Grand Prix! 🏆️

    As we prepare for the home race at Monza, here's the question that you must answer:

    Who will be the first Scuderia Ferrari driver to set a fastest lap during the race?* ⏱️

    a) Charles Leclerc

    b) Carlos Sainz

    *in the event no Ferrari driver sets a fastest lap on Sunday, the question is voided.

    You have the opportunity to post your best predictions after the qualifying session ends! ⬇️

  • 📣 Scuderia Ferrari put on a great show in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Carlos Sainz led the race for 14 laps and duelled with his team mate Charles Leclerc to the flag. The Spaniard crossed the finish line on P3 and also set a fastest lap - 1:25.501 on lap 30. ⏱️🏁

    There were no entries for this race and the competition resumes for the next round in Singapore on September 17.

  • 📣 The race weekend started promisingly for Scuderia Ferrari. Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc were first and second fastest in the second free practice session at the Marina Bay circuit, repeating the FP1 performance but with the positions switched.

    The Singapore track almost always produces exciting racing and here's the question that you must answer:

    Who will step on the podium at the Singapore Grand Prix? 🥇🥈🥉

    a) Charles Leclerc

    b) Carlos Sainz

    c) both drivers

    *in the event that none of the Ferrari drivers will be on the podium at the end of the race, the question is voided.

    You have the opportunity to post your best predictions after the qualifying session ends! ⬇️

  • Gjoksi
    Gjoksi DEFENDER OF THE YEAR 2022 ✭✭✭✭✭

    b) Carlos Sainz

  • 📣 Carlos Sainz converted pole position into a second career victory and it gives me great pleasure to announce that we also have a contest winner for the stage in Singapore! 🏆️

    @Gjoksi correctly predicted the Scuderia Ferrari driver who got on the podium at Marina Bay this weekend. Congratulations and Forza Ferrari! 🎉

    The contest resumes with the upcoming race at Suzuka on September 24th.

  • 📣 Scuderia Ferrari finished the first day of practice for the Japanese Grand Prix, with the two SF-23s finishing both sessions in second and fourth places. With one more practice session to go and qualifying getting underway tomorrow, here's the question that you must answer:

    What is the total number of points that Scuderia Ferrari drivers will score at the Suzuka circuit?

    You have the opportunity to post your best predictions after the qualifying session ends! ⬇️

  • 20 points

  • Gjoksi
    Gjoksi DEFENDER OF THE YEAR 2022 ✭✭✭✭✭

    25 (twenty five) points

  • 📣 Scuderia Ferrari leaves Japan with 20 points, courtesy of a fourth place for Charles Leclerc and a sixth for Carlos Sainz, and we have a new winner! 🏆️

    @iduta congratulations, you predicted the exact number of points and you will hear from us soon!

    The contest resumes with the Qatar Grand Prix taking place at the Lusail track on October 8th.