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Bitdefender Password Manager: deleting all the password (checking duplicate site (url))


Hi all.

Is it possible to delete all passwords (e.g., after exporting them)?

Is it possible to delete multiple passwords at a time and not one by one?

Is it possible to do a check for duplicate sites-url with the same password?

Is it possible to do a check of duplicate passwords for the same site-url?

Thank you for your help.



  • Hello @kiskeya and welcome to the Community!

    The actions you have described can only be taken one by one and there is no possibility to check for duplicate passwords or websites with the same password. However, if necessary the account can be reset by the Support teams and you can start fresh.


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  • Scott
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    @kiskeya I went through the same thing. What I found worked for me was to use the free version of Bitwarden as it has a desktop app. Export your BD Password Manager passwords (save that file until everything has been done below, just in case) and import them into Bitwarden and edit your passwords from there. Then export those and import them back into BD Password Manager after you have had support reset that account, i.e. cleared all your previous passwords. 1Password would also work as well, as that too has a desktop app to work in, and it also has 14-day free trial ability.

    You can contact Support from the link below. Go through the prompts until reach the black Contact Support box. You will have three options, Chat, email and phone support, which is not toll-free. Chat can be the quickest way to get things started.

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