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Anti-spam Toolbar in Thunderbird 115 (after upgrading from 102)

edited September 2023 in Install & Updates

I just upgraded Thunderbird from version 102.15.1 to version 115.0.

The Bitdefender Anti-spam Toolbar has now disappeared.

I suppose that the toolbar was there immediately before the upgrade. I admit I almost never click on it, but it's vaguely reassuring to see there, and I imagine I would have 'sensed' its absence if it disappeared before. (Although another user reported that the Bitdefender toolbar disappeared in Thunderbird version 102.14.0 on their computer.)

There's a screenshot of what it used to look like in this post:

Here's a screenshot of the new (current) interface:

I'm wondering whether this was because it was a more substantial upgrade of Thunderbird, now using the 'Supernova' GUI for the first time.

It seems that some users rather wanted to remove the toolbar.

And there is documentation that the toolbar features are more limited if the IMAP email protocol is used.

So another possibility could be that BD decided not to support the newer versions of TB?

Or maybe I need to reboot?

Or completely uninstall and then reinstall BD?! (If so, I won't bother, I think. Maybe it'd come back when BD goes through one of its own regular semi-automated upgrades?)


P.S. I am running Bitdefender Internet Security build on Windows 8.1 (64-bit).



  • Hello @DIVERSE and welcome back to the Community! 🙂

    Indeed, the Antispam toolbar is no longer displayed in the latest Thunderbird, version 115. The extension appears enabled in the Addons section, however there is no toolbar present. We could reproduce this internally and the development teams are looking into it.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • darrel
    edited December 2023

    Same issue. This happened before after a thunderbird update. My solution was to change from IMAP to POP. Obviously that is not working anymore. I reached out to B last time and they wre 0 help. After all the fuss last time you would think Thunderbird would verify any issues with this, but they just wait to see how many people complain. I almost donated funds. I guess Ill wait and see if Thunderbird folks are responsive or not first. BD was no help last time either.

  • Steck1108
    Steck1108 Defender of the month

    Me too, I was aware of the same phenomenon.

    We have determined that the spam email add-on is probably not fully compatible with the new features of the Thunderbird engine.

  • davitof

    Still no change. Does this mean that the plugin should be removed?

  • darrel
    edited March 18

    I did see that Bitdefender now has a new spam filter that works with the new Outlook for Windows email. No mention of Thunderbird. Many want to go to Thunderbird as the new Windows Outlokk email is sent to MS and they can read your email on their server.

    Still no good spam filter on Thunderbird.