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BDserviceHost.exe use RAM and CPU a lot that kill windows 10 and 11



BDserviceHost.exe after new update, eats up the memory little by little in use, on 4 different machines in the office. all without exception are affected, both under Windows 11 and Windows 10 (All updated!)

I can desintall and reinstall ... all the computer in desk, but i don't think that a personnal problem ...

please help .. can works correctly ( 2 days .. )

no solution, we must desinstall all and reinstall others solutions .. :-(

some computer only 8 go Ram use ... normal, it's turn on this morning !

Help !


  • Hello @cnevians,

    Check if this article helps:

    Otherwise, the situation you are encountering would require a more in-depth investigation and the testing teams can do this. It sounds like a memory leak somewhere, but the testers have analysis scripts for CPU, memory, etc so I think it's best to contact the Technical teams so they can gather more information from the affected devices and take it from there. Once they collect the necessary details from you, they can run some tests and recommend remediation steps. You can get in touch with the Bitdefender engineers by choosing one of the contact channels available here:

    Let us know how it goes.



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  • thnaks ... i do it ! (use BitDefender support tools .)

    anybody have the same problem ? here we have 3 compouters with the same problems ...

  • Hi Cnevians,

    Yes, I believe there are many with the same issue. Just a few threads down is this;

    Where I and others were discussing a similar, if not the same issue. I have one Windows 11 Laptop (Lenovo/Intel i7 Coffee Lake) with 64 gb of RAM that has the issue and bdservicehost (antivirus shield) will eat ever increasing memory until the PC locks up within 6+ hours of operation. Restarting Windows starts the process over. Bitdefender support has acknowledged they are aware of the issue, but haven't been able to provide a solution for MONTHS! They won't even clue us in, as to what the issue is. My only available resolution to this, was to uninstall BitDefender on this PC, and install a different solution. It is extremely frustrating as I have other, similar PCs on BD that can run for days/weeks with no issues at all. Please contact BD support. The more customers facing the issue, the more likely they will care about fixing it!

    Thank you,


  • For the past several weeks I have been suffering this exact issue, if you can't rectify it I will be forced to change my anti virus program......................... I don't think I should have to investigate/rectify this problem as you are the supplier!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexandru_BD

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